Commission Info

Commissions for non-commercial/personal use are, when open, available through my page on Ko-fi. Those interested in commissions for commercial work should contact me via email.

What I Can Draw

  • Style: Manga, semi-realism
  • Animals
  • Fanart
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Original humanoid characters (OCs)
  • Real People from a photo reference

What I Don’t Draw

  • Gore
  • Hateful imagery
  • NSFW content

standard terms

For the standard terms, I am the Artist, and you are the Client.

These terms are for NON-COMMERCIAL WORK. If you require work for commercial purposes, please email me directly. By commissioning me, you agree to all terms listed.


  • Final art will be a high resolution (300dpi) .jpg. Other formats may be requested.
  • Please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery, depending on the complexity of the image. (We will discuss a timeline at the outset.)
  • Upon completion of the commission, the high-res image(s) will be sent to the Client.

Revisions (Does not apply to sketch commissions!)

  • Client may request a round of revisions at the sketch phase and again at the commission’s inking/flat colour phase.
  • Significant changes or complete reworking of an image at a later stage may incur additional fees.
  • After delivery of the final high-res image, the Client will have a week to inform the Artist of any apparent errors. After such time the commission will be considered complete.


  • Once work is started, refunds will not be given.
  • If I must cancel for any reason, I will refund the commission.
  • All sales are final. Refunds will not be given for completed work.

Copyrights and Usage

  • The Artist holds the right to every artwork. (This means I can share them online in my galleries, use them for publicity, and post them wherever I want.)
  • The Artist may reproduce and distribute the art for any reason, personal or commercial.
  • The Client may use the work for PERSONAL USE only. (Such as for use on social media, profile images, or print it for yourself.)
  • The Client may claim the right to their character(s), but they do not have the rights to the image itself.
  • The Client may share the artwork online, giving the Artist proper credit. (Link back to me on social media, please!)
  • You MAY NOT resell the image to third parties. (For example, make prints or merchandise using my artwork for sale. You are not allowed to resell the original image for money.)
  • The Client may request Exclusivity. With exclusivity, I will not post the artwork anywhere, at any time. The work is strictly yours to share. The fee for this is an additional 50% of the total commission.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. Those who wish to negotiate different terms may email me to discuss their project.